Official website of
Miscellaneous SC

Miscellaneous Launches Website

Miscellaneous is proud to announce the launch of its website ( sponsored by the Malefho Foundation. The website shall serve as a one stop information centre for its supporters, providing up to date team news, match reports and fixture lists amongst others. The website shall also be interactive, with future planned updates such that supporters can apply for membership, engage in public forums and buy team merchandise
online from anywhere around the country.

The website is sponsored by the Malefho Foundation, this sponsorship covered the development, maintenance and hosting of the website. Speaking at the launch, the Patron of Malefho Foundation, Dr. Kolaatamo Malefho said, “As a lifelong supporter of the club, I felt compelled to do my part to nurture its growth, this club has a rich history and a bright future and this website is just the beginning of a lifelong partnership. The website was fully developed locally by a talented young Motswana developer and is hosted in the country. It is my hope that this website shall provide the platform to drive this club into the biggest club in the country”.

Commenting on the launch, the Chairman of the club stated, “Miscellaneous is a growing team and we would like to thank Dr. Malefho for the support he has given us, we are looking forward to this fruitful partnership. The team is working hard to be ready for the start of the new season and its initiatives like this that will help us reach our goals. We believe as an official mouthpiece, this website shall give supporters a platform to better engage and support the club”.

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